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Daily Dazzle Giveaway Link Up

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All readers are encouraged to browse through our bloggy friends’ current giveaways and enter for their chance to win.  All you need to do is click on a giveaway you are interested in and it will open in another tab.  Enter, close the giveaway tab, and come back to find the next great giveaway to enter.

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  1. Don’t Expect to Win Quickly – Do NOT give up too quickly. To win, you need patience, patience, patience… and then a little more patience.
  2. Get an Email Address Solely for Entering Sweepstakes – Setting up an email to use just for sweepstakes entry is a huge help in recognizing wins, avoiding spam emails, and detecting scams. If the sponsors can’t get in touch with you to tell you about your win, all of your hard work entering sweepstakes will be for nothing. Check your sweepstakes email daily!
  3. Set Aside Time to Enter Daily – Set a goal for yourself to enter sweepstakes every day. If you’re short on time, enter only a few of the ones you most want to win. But I don’t have time for all this!
    Then just do a couple of entries! There’s no reason why you can’t still win… and you’re 100% more likely to win than if you don’t enter at all. If you already follow my social media accounts, and you see I’m hosting a giveaway… you’re already totally qualified to win, so just click a couple of buttons and your entries are counted!
  4. Daily or One Entry Sweepstakes? Both! If your time is short, focus on entering sweepstakes that only allow one entry per person – no one will have better odds than you do, and you can enter a bunch of these sweepstakes in a limited amount of time. If you have more time, enter daily sweepstakes. Most people don’t enter every single day; if you do, your odds will be higher.
  5. Read the Rules Before You Enter – Before you enter a sweepstake for the first time, be sure to read through the rules first. Don’t Get Disqualified!
  6. Use Sweepstakes Referrals – Using referrals is a great way to better your odds of winning the prizes you want the most.
  7. Prioritize Sweepstakes – Enter the sweepstakes with the prizes you want to win the most and with the best odds of winning first. If you have extra time, then you can spend it on entering less attractive sweepstakes.
  8. Stay Motivated – An optimistic outlook will keep you going through the dry spells that every sweeper experiences. Some people get their hearts set on winning one particular sweepstake, and when that win doesn’t come through, they feel disappointed and discouraged. But there is always another sweep to enter, another great prize to win. Luck really is a matter of attitude!
  9. Respond to Wins Quickly – Once you’ve received your first win notice, act quickly to return it to the sponsor in plenty of time to process it. If you have missed a deadline for responding to a win notice, contact the sponsor anyway. Sometimes they can make an exception.
  10. Track Your Wins – There are three important reasons to track your wins. First, to remind yourself of the prizes you’ve won. Secondly, records of your wins help at tax time. Finally, tracking your wins can help you notice patterns that to win more consistently. Do you win more daily sweepstakes or one-entry sweepstakes? Are instant wins luckier for you than regular sweepstakes? Tracking your wins can help you find out.


Businesses hold sweeps because spending part or all of their marketing budget on prizes is a fun and effective way for them to raise awareness of their products. Thus, make more money. However, if promotions are not successful, companies will spend their money elsewhere. You’re not obligated to buy anything or to do business with a company that offers a sweepstake. However, taking the time to visit a company’s site, being polite when corresponding with them, and expressing your appreciation encourages more giveaways.

Make sure you “like” the Facebook pages of bloggers (like me) who hold and promote a lot of giveaways that are for items in your area of interest.

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