What We Got In Our Home Chef Meal Delivery This Week

What We Got In Our Home Chef Meal Delivery This Week + how to SAVE $35 on yours

Home Chef is bringing people together around the dinner table.

With simplicity as their mantra, Home Chef meal delivery is designed to help you save time while still being able to enjoy real home cooking and the joy that comes with it. From online to doorstep…to your kitchen table, they make planning and preparing a home-cooked meal simple, intuitive, and inspirational every step of the way. 

Each meal kit we received from Home Chef came with all the needed ingredients (except olive oil, salt, and pepper) and an easy-to-follow recipe so it was super easy to prepare a delicious meal. At the beginning of each recipe, it tells you what you will need to prepare it. For example: In the case of the pizza we needed olive oil, salt, cooking spray, a baking sheet, a medium non-stick pan, and a mixing bowl. The chili required olive oil, salt, pepper, a mixing bowl, and a large non-stick pan. But, when it was time to fix the easy prep & pan included penne bake nothing was needed to complete it.

Home Chef publishes the ingredients and full nutritional content of each meal online. So you know what you’re getting when you order. I love that Home Chef makes an effort to be eco-friendly. The box that everything arrived in is lined with recycled fiber insulation and when possible they used meal packaging that we can reuse.


With many meal delivery services to choose from, Home Chef stood out. With lots of options to customize your package, meals that are easy to prepare in under 30 minutes, and the perfect amount of ingredients they’re a great option for singles, small and large families, as well as cooks of all experience levels.

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Here’s a sample of some of the great meals you can prepare using their meal delivery service.

Home Chef Three Cheese Chicken Penne Bake

This oven-ready offering gives you great flavor at a fraction of the time and with barely any work.

After mixing the pasta, chicken, marinara sauce, seasoning blend, Parmesan, and a small amount of water in the provided tray and spreading it into an even layer I just had to top it with butter, then Asiago, mozzarella, and panko. Each of which was included and came individually packaged. I then covered the tray with foil and baked covered, 15 minutes. After that, I baked it uncovered until the cheese was bubbly. All that was left to do was eat!!! No clean-up — as this yummy dish was mixed and baked in the pan that arrived with my kit!

Home Chef Cheesy Mexican-Style Street Corn Pizza
with lime crema

Mexican street corn is a special treat south of the border. In this recipe, you take the sweet corn, cheese, and lime and placed it on the best vehicle for flavor, a pizza!

After prebaking our flatbreads and preparing our ingredients, to assemble and bake the pizzas we simply placed the flatbreads, flat-side down, on our prepared baking sheet and spread a thin layer of the sour cream-lime mixture on each. Next, we topped each evenly with our corn and chicken mixture.  After baking, we divided the cheese and remaining seasoning between the two pizzas. In the future, I will put the Oaxacan cheese on before baking. I don’t like cilantro as it tastes like dishsoap to me so I omitted it from my pizza. l appreciated that the ingredients weren’t mixed together so I could do this. We will be having this pizza again as it was very tasty and easy to make.

Home Chef BBQ-Cheddar Bacon and Beef Chili with Crema

BBQ, cheddar, bacon, and beef; and it gets made in less than 15 minutes. Need I say more?!

I made this selection as it was a unique type of chili that we had never had the pleasure of trying. Given that neither of us eats bell peppers we would not have ordered something like this out. I know two of the three meals I choose had an ingredient that I don’t like. This is surprising given the fact that I can count on one hand the foods that I don’t like or would never try. However, the way that your ingredients come there is a lot of flexibility in how you prepare each dish. For this chili, I simply omitted the peppers and added some mushrooms that we had in the fridge. After cooking the ground beef, mushrooms, and white portions of green onions in a large skillet until there was no more pink in the ground beef it was time to finish the chili. To do this was easy, as all I had to do was add the premeasured ingredients, a small amount of water, and salt to the beef mixture. While it was cooking I made the Crema using the sour cream they sent and half of the green portion of the onions. It wasn’t long before it was done and it was time to eat. Garnishing the chili with the cheese, crema, bacon bits, and remaining onion I served us up each a nice sized bowl to enjoy. This is a very subtly flavored chili, nothing like the bold in your face flavor that we are used to. The hint of BBQ sauce in each bite was perfect!

Overall, we were delighted with each meal and are looking forward to our next Home Chef delivery this Friday!

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Every week they’ll recommend delicious meal kits that are a mix of fresh flavors and familiar favorites they think will please your palate.
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Every week they’ll recommend yummy meals that require little to no prep, simple cooking, and easy clean-up for fantastic dishes!

View Your Upcoming Menus
View all available menus for that week and upcoming weeks. Just use the calendar button to navigate through your upcoming orders, and click “Edit Meals” to update your selections for that week.

Select Your Meals
See a meal you want to try? Simply click Add to Order.  Expecting company? The servings drop-down allows you to add servings. Many of the meals allow you to customize them. You can swap or upgrade ingredients to better suit your tastes. There are meals for the calorie-conscious, vegetarians, and those who are gluten, soy, dairy, or nut-free. 

Manage your Deliveries
You can easily edit your delivery day and servings, skip weeks, or even pause your subscription on their website.

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I wanted to share our experience with this service and was not compensated in any way for this post. If you sign up I will earn a credit that I can use on my next order just like any other customer who refers a new user.

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